Registrar of Vital Statistics

The Village of Mineola is in the process of transferring all vital records to the Town of North Hempstead.  Birth Records prior to December 31, 1997, Death Records prior to December 31, 1997 and all new 2020 Birth and Death Certificates must now be obtained from the Town of North Hempstead, 200 Plandome Road, Manhasset, NY  11030. (516) 869-6311.

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates of any person who was born at Winthrop-University Hospital (formerly Nassau Hospital) are on file at the Registrar's office in the Village Clerk Department. To request a copy of a birth certificate, the applicant must fulfill the requirements below and provide a money order or cash in the amount of $10 (checks are not accepted); a driver license or passport photo ID (clear copies or faxes are acceptable if requesting through the mail) and a self-addressed stamp envelope. Overnight services are available if pre-paid by the applicant.

  • If your name has changed, documentation showing name change (i.e. marriage license) must be provided.
A certified copy or a certified transcript of a birth certificate may be issued only:
  • To a person with a New York State Court Order;
  • To the person named on the birth certificate, if 18 years of age or older;
  • To the parents of the person named on the birth certificate;
  • To the lawful representative of the person named or the parents of the person named on the birth certificate;
  • To the Commissioner of the Health; or
  • To a municipal, state or federal agency when needed for official purposes.
A certification of birth certificate may be issued:
  • To the person named on the birth certificate, if under 18 years of age;
  • To a person over 18 years of age, if a certification is what they prefer; or
  • To a person who can demonstrate the record is required for a judicial or other proper purpose.
  • Birth Certificate Application

Death Certificates

Death certificates are on file in the Registrar's office if the decedent expired at Winthrop-University Hospital (formerly Nassau Hospital); in a residence within the Village; or at any other location wherein the deceased was transported to Winthrop-University Hospital upon death.  

The applicant must provide the decedent's name and date of death and complete and sign form DOH-294A. If the request is made by someone other than the spouse, parent or child of the decedent, the application or letter must be accompanied by supporting documents establishing a legal right or claim to obtain a certified copy or transcript, or judicial or other proper purpose to obtain a certification.

  • A spouse of a decedent must provide a copy of their marriage license/certificate.
  • A child of a decendent must provide a copy of their birth certificate.

For further information about obtaining a birth or death certificate, please contact the Office of the Registrar in the Village Clerk's Department by calling 746-0750.