Building Department

The Village of Mineola is proud of its outstanding efforts via the Building Department to oversee environmentally safe and code regulated building practices in the village. It helps maintain an aesthetically pleasing quality of life for residents and merchants through stringent policies on occupancy, zoning, and planning.  

The Building Department is responsible for working with the Zoning Board, which regulates the use, density, and siting of development; and the Planning Board, which reviews land usage plans prior to development of a site. The Zoning Board, Planning Board and Architectural Review Board, which ensures community aesthetics, meet regularly throughout the year.

Residents who are planning to conduct any work on their home that may include plumbing, electrical, and any construction or renovation in or outside of the home should contact the building department to obtain necessary permits and code inspections. This also includes the installation of decks, fences and pools.

Merchants seeking to open a business or renovate their building or storefront must divulge business plans especially if food is to be handled on the site. Also, proper permits for signage and all other building renovations are required.


Liam O'Keefe

Superintendent of the Building Department