Justice Court

Village Justice Scott Fairgrieve

The Village Justice, who is elected to a four-year term, heads the Mineola Village Justice Court.  Village Justice Scott Fairgrieve was elected in September 2020 to a two-year term to fill the unexpired term of the late Justice John P. O’Shea.  Prior to his election, Justice Fairgrieve was a Nassau County District Court Judge for 20 years and served for 11 years as an Acting County Court Judge for Nassau County.  While serving in the Nassau County District Court, Judge Scott Fairgrieve published over 300 legal decisions in the New York Miscellaneous Reporter and New York Law Journal.

Associate Village Justice Steven Barnwell

The Associate Village Justice is appointed annually by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of Trustees.  The Honorable Steven Barnwell is currently serving as the Associate Village Justice.  His duties include assisting the Village Justice when necessary and acting as the Village Justice in his absence.  Justice Barnwell was first appointed Associate Village Justice in 2017, and served since November 2019 as Village Justice after the passing of long-time Village Justice John P. O’Shea.



Elizabeth A. Bernardes

Clerk of the Court

Peter S. Trentacoste, Esq.

Village Prosecutor

Benjamin Truncale, Esq.

Deputy Village Prosecutor