Village Tax Information

Receiver of Taxes

Office of The Receiver Of Taxes

The Office of the Receiver of Taxes prepares the bills and collects the payments for the annual Village of Mineola taxes. Payments can be made in person at the Village Hall or by mail in the return envelope enclosed with your tax bill.

Tax Collection

Taxes are due June 1st of the calendar year and the last day to pay without penalty is July 1st.  A penalty of 5% will be added on July 2nd of the tax year and an additional 1% per month thereafter. Payments must be made in full and any payment received which is incorrect or insufficient, will be returned to the sender. Postdated checks are not acceptable and will also be returned. For further details or information about tax arrears or tax lien sales, please call the Tax Department in the Village Clerk Department at 746-0750 (ext. 222).

Third Party Notification

If a resident is either 65 years of age or older, or disabled and owns and occupies a 1, 2, or 3 family residence, the resident may designate a consenting adult as a third party to receive a duplicate copy of the tax bill. Please contact the Receiver of Taxes office for additional information at 746-0750 (ext. 222).

Department Of Assessment

The Department of Assessment reviews all permits issued by the Village of Mineola Building Department to determine what improvements have on the value of the property.  

The Board of Assessment Review meets yearly to hear complaints on property assessment. If resident feels assessment is high, complaints may be filed February 1st through the 3rd Tuesday in February for the upcoming tax year.  

Senior Citizens, Veterans, Volunteer Firefighters or Volunteer Ambulance Corp Members, may be eligible for a property exemption on your place of residence. For further information, contact the Tax Department at 746-0750 (ext. 222).