Important Recycling Notice

Village logo top center, letter to residents regarding separating recyclables

Unfortunately, many, many residents are putting their recyclables into plastic bags and placing them either in their recycling container or on top of, or adjacent to, the container and setting them out for collection. 

Plastic garbage bags used to put out recyclables are not recyclable and cannot be processed at the recycling facility.   Since Covid-19 has effected the processing of refuse of all kinds, we are faced with stricter, changing rules and limited operations from disposal facilities accepting our waste, be it recyclables, household waste, or any other class of waste we bring to their facilities.

Residents are advised that, beginning today, the Sanitation Department will empty recycling containers and leave any plastic bags behind.  When leaving bagged recyclables behind, Sanitation employees will place the following recycling notice in the handle of your recycling container.

It is our hope that residents will understand why the plastic bags containing recyclables are not taken, and will continue to utilize only their recycling containers.

Thank you.