Snow Advisory

January 18, 2020

Snow has already begun to fall and is expected to continue until after 6:00 PM this evening. 1-3 inches is anticipated at this time.

Residents and businesses are reminded that, should snow accumulation reach 2 inches, ALL vehicles must be removed from ALL streets until 24 hours after snowfall ends or when plowing is complete.

Please remember that when shoveling, plowing, or blowing snow from sidewalks and driveways, snow may not be placed into streets. Snow should be placed on grass areas of your own property. Blowing snow into streets hampers plowing and may create frozen hazards after plowing is completed.

Also, if your property is adjacent to a fire hydrant, please clear snow from around the hydrant to allow access in the event of an emergency on your block. Remember: The home you save may be your own.

Thank you.