Water Meter Reading Advisory

Water Meter Reading Advisory

Residents are reminded that during NY PAUSE, Village of Mineola Water Department staff have continued to take monthly water meter readings in order to ensure water bills are accurate and residents are not overbilled.

Due to the State’s mandate to reduce essential employees to 50% work levels, it has been necessary to read meters throughout the week, including weekends.

Many years ago, most Mineola residential properties were equipped with external water reading equipment.  This means water personnel do not have to enter most homes to read meters.

For those few homes that could not be equipped with external readers, village personnel may need to continue to enter homes to obtain accurate readings.  While a not general procedure, there are times in the past that remote water meter readings have also been conducted in the early evenings when there is still daylight.

In addition, sometimes remote readers are misread between cycle readings.  Those instances might also require a visit to your home to inspect the equipment and read your meter.  Normally, this is done by appointment, or by assigning an estimated reading if we cannot gain access to a property.

Throughout Long Island, there have sometimes been those seeking to gain entry to your home by impersonating water meter readers.

Should anyone visit your home seeking entrance to read your water meter, please observe the following safety precautions:

  • Village employees are in full Mineola uniforms when working and operate clearly identified Village vehicles.   Sometimes vehicles are not visible as employees may be are walking from home to home.  However, meter readers will never be in unmarked or personal vehicles, and we do not use non-village personnel or contracted companies for meter reading.
  • Water Department employees are required to have their photo I.D. with them when working and are required to produce their I.D. upon request.
  • If a meter reader refuses to provide their I.D., or anything seems suspicious, refuse entry and call the Water Department immediately.

Remember during PAUSE to be safe, practice social distancing, and wear face coverings in public spaces.

Thank you.