Honor our College Graduates

Friday May 15 – College Graduate Recognition

Hats off!  Raise your glass as we toast our graduates.

The month of May is traditionally a time of celebration for students graduating from colleges and universities across the country.  It appears that all of those on-campus celebrations have been replaced by distant individual celebrations.  In the meantime, we do not want the moment to pass unrecognized.

This Friday, at precisely 7:00 pm, please go outside of your home and walk to the curb. The fire siren will sound and we should make some noise (honk your car horns, bang your pots and pans, or just ‘hoot ‘n holler’) and then raise your age-appropriate glass and toast to the college graduates.

College graduates, please come outside in your college colors and let us raise a glass to your accomplishments. Step out to the curb a little further than the others so that we can look up and down the streets and see who you are. We are proud of you and we want to show you.

As always, please keep a safe social distance of six feet and please wear a mask for face covering to protect yourself and your neighbors.

Congratulations all!